Enveloper 130


The EN 130/I enveloping/stacking unit is an uncompromisingly sturdy machine assembled on a machine frame work. The machine is designed and manufactured in order to operate…[Read More]


Cast on Strap


The COS enables to joint the lugs of the groups to the relevant connections. Rotating system and structure Electrically welded sheet equipped with four stations turntable composed by cells to let in the plate groups…[Read More]


Assembly Line


This assembly line is able to process both car batteries and truck batteries, and it has a productivity of N° 4 batteries type L, and N° 2 truck batteries. The assembly line is composed by: Mainframe made with carbon steel tubulars…[Read More]


Assembly Line Motorcycles


This MOTORCYCLE battery assembly line has been designed to perform the complete motorcycle battery range, from the small to the bigger one. It has been engineered upgrading our existing automatic starter assembly line…[Read More]




The shear tester verifies the mechanical resistance of the intercells welding without destroying it.


Five testing fingers with hydraulic handling, adjusting by following the battery type. Each finger is composed by a couple of jaws…[Read More]