Finishing Line


After the charging department, the batteries must be finished and checked before to be placed onto the market. Complete finishing lines can be produced following the plant’ requests, or only singles machines to be placed on existing lines. All these machines…[Read More]


Acid Filler & Leveller


This machine represents the state of the art, combined with experience and new production systems. The combination of technology, innovative materials, combined designing systems, cutting-edge production techniques and…[Read More]


Washing & Drying Tunnel


WASHING DRYING TUNNEL WDT 4000. The washing drying tunnel produces 8 batteries per minute. It can process both car and truck batteries, and the regulations are simples and fast. The broad experience gained with…[Read More]




Dumping machine has the
purpose to evacuate the acid
inside the accumulator after the
formation process. Machine has
a frame made of…[Read More]