Oxide Ball Mill & Filter


The Ball Mill is suitable to produce lead oxide by means of friction between the cylinders produced before by the cylinder casting machine (Shimadzu method). Six parts compose it…[Read More]


Mixer and Cone


Cylindrical steel tank to contain the paste. The inner part of the tank is turned and thermally stretched.  The tank is closed in the upper part with a stainless steel AISI 304 lid, where there are the inspection doors, the tube for cooling air inlet and outlet…[Read More]


Lead Ingots Melt Furnace


Structure and Insulation
The Furnace structure is made
of a rugged cylindrical metallic
frame, having plane bottom,
upon which…[Read More]


Lead Cylinder Casting


The cylinder casting machine is studied to
produce lead cylinders.
– Base. A strong steel framework
enables to support the spheroid…[Read More]


Oxide Screw Conveyors


The lead oxide screw conveyors produced by us, grants a
high efficiency as roller levelling sheet obtains the troughs,
obtaining a smooth surface and an accurate..[Read More]


Lead Oxide Silo


Rectangular to optimise the
capacity/dimensions ratio.
Pbo…[Read More]


Paste Distribution


The paste distribution cone enables to
collect the paste coming from the mixer
and unload it in the…[Read More]