The EN 130/I enveloping/stacking unit is an uncompromisingly sturdy machine assembled on a machine frame work.

The machine is designed and manufactured in order to operate in line with C.O.S. equipment and undertakes, in automatic cycle, the following operations: cutting of the separators in any desired length with one bending line in the middle of the same separator, in order to facilitate the folding operation feeding of the plate into the separator welding of the separators by pressure stacking of the enveloped and no-enveloped plates accumulation of the combined plates in vertical position

Mode of operation

The pack of plates, stored in horizontal position in the machine, are automatically separated and fed by a vacuum system, over the belt conveyor. The belt conveyor feeds the plate to the welding station 90° located.

From the roll, the separator is fed into a rotating system able to bend it in the middle before cutting.

The adjustment of the desired length is very quick and is made by means of a speed variator.


After the enveloping operation, the second feeder feeds the not-enveloped plate (negative or positive, according the selected program) over the enveloped one. This operation is carried out until reaching the selected number of combined plates.

An additional feeder, if necessary, feeds the odd plate over the formed group.

All stacking operations are controlled by a microprocessor where dozens of programs can be stored.

An automatic mechanism transfers the groups from horizontal to vertical position and stores them.

Technical data

Machine capacity: 130 enveloped plates per minute. The speed is easy adjustable by means of moto-variator controlled by an inverter.

Type of plates: both positive and negative. Formed or unformed ones

Plate dimensions:   Height: from 100 up to 140 mm (lug excluded)

  Width: from 108 up to 150 mm

  Thickness: from 1,0 up to 3 mm


Plate transfer system: the lowest part by chain conveyor, the highest part by pusher

Quality of the plates: the plates must have good quality requirements; accuracy of dimensions and clearness of the plates are required

Separators: polyethylene type. The machine is equipped with one roll support, diam. 250mm

Welding system: by means of pressure

Service requirements: Electricity V=220/380 3Ph 50Hz

       Installed power 12 Kwatt

       Compressed air: 6 bar

Dust protection: the machine is largely enclosed and any chips are vacuumed away from the plate surface. Any existing suction and filter can be connected

Overall dimensions:

Machine Length= 5.850 mm (Without glass-mat device)

Conveyor Length= 2.500 mm

Machine Width= 1850 mm (Without lug brushing station)

Machine Height= 2150 mm

Weight: uncrated Kg. 1410; crated Kg. 1490