The QUALITY CONTROL LINE 1 is composed of the following machines:

Pole cleaning unit

Two heads for pole-cleaning are connected to cylinder for ascent/descent by a plate (between the plate and cylinder there is an insulating layer to avoid a short circuit in the battery during the working). Rotation motor and cleaning brush are attached on a plate and they are connected to one another by a toothed belt that allows the rotation of the cleaning brush. This one has an aluminium main central part where there are attached three little lateral cleaning brushes and one central brush that executes the cleaning along the circumference of pole and on the top side. All brushes are made of stainless steel bristles.

Dielectric unit

The mechanism of this unit is constituted by a plate attached on the mainframe, where a cylinder for ascent/descent of the head is attached. Two screws, attached on the head and running through the main plate, adjust the descent of heads according to the battery height. The head has carriages where there are attached four blades, each moved by a cylinder. All cylinders allow the approaching of blades to four sides of battery. Dielectric test consists to apply a current of 10.000 V on the battery pole and, after approaching of blades, each dielectric head verifies that there is not passage of current.

The batteries that do not get through the dielectric test are placed into discarding bench.