The QUALITY CONTROL LINE 2 is composed of a High Rate Discharge Unit, plus, alternatively, a Pole Greaser or a printing machine (needle or hot printing).

High rate discharge unit

Two heads for high rate discharge are connected to cylinder for ascent / descent by a plate (between the plate and cylinder there is an insulating layer to avoid a short circuit in the battery during the process). A pneumatic pliers is attached on each plate and it allows the opening / closing of special copper contacts to have a good electrical contact on the battery pole to avoid possible damages. The batteries that do not get through the high rate discharge test are placed into a discarding bench. High Current Discharge Tester (1500-2000-3000 A)

Pole greasing machine

After the pole cleaning, to give it a finished appearance, it is possible to cover it with small colored plastic caps or with a thin grease film.

Needle printing machine

Aluminium mainframe to support printing head, which is attached on machine board.

Point printing head type TMP4200 with step-to-step motor for arm movements (small weight until 1.85 Kg) has the following features:

Printing area 50x10mm.

Hot printing

This machine can be installed both in the assembly and in the finishing department.

The stamping is useful for different meanings: to identify the batch production, for guarantee identification, date of production, etc. This machine writes both on the cover and on the side. Codes are alphanumeric and increase by referring to a software. The date is also self-increasing, following calendar.

By changing the type of batteries, it is also possible to change the place where it writes. If this is not required, it will not be necessary to change also the working position.

Automator device is used.