01_CYTEST-4C- 100A-3

Basic Technical features
AC input: 3 x 400V +/- 10% – 50Hz.
DC voltage up to 250V.
Zero battery Volt in discharge available with appropriate booster circuit.
DC current up to 100A in charge or discharge mode.
Duty Cycle: 100% in charge or discharge mode; @ maximum current rate
Output ripple negligible.
Efficiency 0,77 typ.
Power factor 0,9 typ.
T.H.D 12% or less than 10% with appropriate filter.
Transition time
From CH to DISCH. 130 milliseconds.
Cooling: by forced air (fans).
Ambient temperature up to 45°C
Protection grade IP 21.
POWERMOSFETs linear regulation; no significant ripple figures on the D.C. output.
The minimum dischargeable batteries voltage is also dependent of the circuit voltage drops.
The modular CYTEST – LR system is an innovative product designed for automotive/industrial batteries testing for
laboratory applications. The POWERMOS technologies allows to reduce the ripple current down to zero and allows better measures accuracy.
The majors advantages are:
° High pre-set accuracy values.
° High measured accuracy values.
° No measuring error due to the current ripple.
° Modular power capacity.
° High reliability due to the CYTEST-LR modularity.
° Easy maintenance.