The cylinder casting machine is studied to produce lead cylinders.
– Base. A strong steel framework enables to support the spheroid cast iron crown and the pinion.
– Spheroid crown: made of melting cast iron in which are machined 120 cavities. The cavities are filled with melted lead and finally cylinders are ejected vertically .
– Cylinder extraction system: made of 120 steel ejectors, which slide inside the crown cavity. The slide handling of the ejectors is assured by the ball bearings, which slide on a reversible cam.
– Cooling system: An efficacious inside and outside recirculating water cooling system of the crown enables the cylinders solidification before the ejection. A semicircular tube blow compressed air to enable the soldification of the cylinder inside part.
The melted lead is sent by a centrifugal pump from the lead melting furnace through a pre-heated tube into the cylinder crown cavities.
The lead quantity is adjustable opening/closing the lead plug cock or adjusting the machine rotation speed.
The cam near the cylinders unloading pushes up the extractors and ejects the lead
cylinders into a chute leading buckets elevator, which feeds the storage cylinders silo.
The cooling system solidifies the melting lead before the ejection enabling the transport by
means of an elevator inside the cylinder silo.
Technical data
Electricity: 380 V, 50 Hz (three-phases)
Machine sizes : Max. dimensions: F 1220 mm Height : 1365 mm
Power motor for crown rotation : 1,5 Kw
Crown rotation speed : 7 revolutions/min
Capacity per hour : 2200 – 2400 Kg/hour cylinders
Compressed air: 700 l/h at 5 bar pressure
Water needs : 600 l/h Temp. : 15-18 °C