Rectangular to optimise the capacity/dimensions ratio.
extraction: using a screw conveyor 6000 Kg/h capacity
Level check by continuos display of the level and by real quantity check of the containing product.
All the sides, excluding the inferior hopper can be disassembled and assembled by means of bolts.
Tank in “silicagel” to dehumidify the air.
– Crawl space
– Stairs and handrail on the upper part of the silo
– prearrangement to enable silo to unload the Pbo from the tank truck by means of compressed air

Technical data
Electric power. 380 V, 50 Hz (tree-phase)
Dimensions: Length 2250 mm
Height 6500 mm
Width 3250 mm
Installed power: 3 kW
Products capacity: 50.000 of Pbo

_03_06_005.8 LEAD OXIDE SILO